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  • Guru Nanak Mandala - Sikhexpo

    Guru Nanak Mandala


    A beautiful depiction of Guru Nanak Dev Ji with a radiant halo in multiple colored layer wooden veneer, this artwork features rich colours and was ...

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  • Gurus Portraits - Sikhexpo

    Gurus Portraits


    This artwork depicts the two forefathers of the Sikh religion, both devotees of the betterment of other's lives. Their actions of the past still te...

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  • Harimandir Sahib Ji - Sikhexpo

    Harimandir Sahib Ji


    A lovely piece created as an interpretation of the 1840 watercolor painting, 'Harimandir Sahib: The Golden Temple at Amritsar'. With inspiration ta...

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  • Harmandir Sahib Elevation - Sikhexpo

    Harmandir Sahib Elevation


    A majestic wooden artwork with an elevated entry point view into the Darbar Sahib.  Beautifully detailed to match what you see when visiting, the l...

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  • Khanda & Stars - Sikhexpo

    Khanda & Stars


    There are ten stars and the ten stars have ten edges, this design symbolizes the Ten Gurus who have given us their teachings within Sikhi, to which...

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  • Peacock - Sikhexpo



    Along with being the national bird of India, peacocks are recognized within many faiths for its symbolic meaning of enlightenment and immortality."...

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