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Women's Necklaces

  • Paisley Khanda Necklace - Sikhexpo

    Paisley Khanda Necklace


    This minimalistic Sikh Khanda Necklace has a beautiful handmade paisley motif wrapped onto the halo element of the Khanda. Layered in protective 22...

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  • Classic Petite Khanda Necklace - Sikhexpo

    Classic Petite Khanda Necklace

    Original Price $30.00
    Current Price $26.00

    This minimalistic Sikh Khanda Necklace, bridging tradition with modern minimalism, is a beautiful, gentle addition to any outfit. Designed to be wo...

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  • Antique Khanda Necklace - Sikhexpo
    Sold out

    Antique Khanda Necklace

    Original Price $38.00
    Current Price $28.00

    Featuring a vintage finish, this lovely and ultra lightweight khanda pendant comes in both silver and gold finish options.   *Pendant Size: 3/4" (1...

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