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Farmers Protest, Kisaan, Multi Sticker Set


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Vinyl and transparent stickers designed by multiple Instagram artist. 

Sticker Sizes:

Stand with Farmers 3” (@prithandpen)

Kisaan Majdoor Ekta Zindabad V2 4”

Cannot be Intimidated 4” (@coolspiritualguy)

Daughters of Farmers 5” (@coolspiritualguy)

Indian Laws Oppress 4” (@coolspiritualguy)

Kisaan Majdoor Ekta Zindabad V1 3” (@coolspiritualguy)

Don’t Disrespect Dogs 3” (@coolspiritualguy)

Sikh Muslim Farmers 3” (@mesmeraki)

I Stand with Farmers 2” (@mesmeraki)

Raised Fist Farmers 4” (

Raised Fist Women Farmers 4” (

Diaspora Rally 3” (@jeev_art)

Roses of Revolution 3” (@kaash_22)

Stand with Farmers Green 3” (@kaash_22)

No Farmers No Food 4” (@kaash_22)

Kisaan Hand Drawn 6” (@kkb_art)

Kisaan Union Flag 3.5”

No Farmers No Food Punjab 3.5”

No Farmers No Food Tractor 3”

Kisaan Youth Flag 3”

*These are sold to break even in costs (i.e produce, package and ship). Additional amount over that will be used to create additional Kisaan items for the movement and any additional amount at the end will be donated to Khalsa Aid/Sahaita. Please email us for additional questions.