Harjinder Singh, known popularly as Infamous Arts, has created some very unique and original Sikh Art pieces that have found their way into the homes of many fans. Harjinder was born in Birmingham, a very culturally diverse part of the United Kingdom and an area that allowed Harjinder to experience many different cultures as a youth.

Harjinder went to Sandwell Academy to do his A levels, a place where the teachers really helped push him in his art. “It made me think about Art as a professional career and I took it a lot more seriously,” Harjinder recalls.

In one of his A level modules, Harjinder had complete freedom to do whatever he wanted and so he decided to do ‘culture’, and his chosen culture was “Nordic’. Nordic is the culture from which famous characters Thor and Odin originated.

You can really see his ‘Nordic’ influence in his art and has given him a very distinctive style all his own in the Sikh Art Community. Still, Harjinder admires all pieces of art and is constantly evolving his style. He’s a big fan of James Jean’s Art style, which has also influenced his current artwork.

“Sikhi is so colourful and vibrant I just felt like I needed to put my ideas out there.” Harjinder Singh

Harjinder points out how his Sikh faith has impacted him and his art saying, “Sikhism has had a major impact on my life, it’s given me ideas in Art I would never have imagined and it truly inspires me.” Harjinder also highlights Gurbani and it’s hand written saroops are like “diamonds to my eyes as an artist”. It’s easy to tell that Harjinder appreciates the enormous time and effort that goes into these.

Like many Sikh artist, Harjinder points out how under Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s rule, the Sikh Arts flourished and it’s most evident when you go to the Sri Harmandir Sahib and look at the beautiful frescos of that era.

“Everyone should go to Sri Harmandir Sahib and just marvel at the upper floors, they are beautiful.’ Harjinder Singh

As an artist, Harjinder can’t stick to the same method of creating art and that’s why you’ll find him constantly trying to improve and take his art to the next level. “If my work isn’t improving, well why I am even bothering” Harjinder mentions.

Harjinder has been working on creating new works of late, including working on Devis and Avtars from the Hindu religion and painting the Kaaba from Islam. He recently completed an animation based on world religions in collaboration with DSB Música that you’ll find below.

Harjinder wants to bring positive vibes to his Sikh Art, that’s why when you look at his art, you’ll see vibrant colors, full of flowers and anything that can bring an uplifting feeling to someone. “I hope I can inspire someone to create, explore and just enjoy doing it,” Harjinder mentions.

I asked Harjinder who his biggest support has been and why. He mentioned that he couldn’t narrow it down to just one person, but would like to thank SikhSoul.com and people who share Kirtan/Simran. “Their support is of a different kind. (The Simran/Kirtan) helps me to get through the long nights of painting,” Harjinder shared with us.

“What more could I love, painting my Guru and listening and learning his Shabad.” Harjinder Singh