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Women's Necklaces

  • Paisley Khanda Necklace - Sikhexpo

    Paisley Khanda Necklace


    This minimalistic Sikh Khanda Necklace has a beautiful handmade paisley motif wrapped onto the halo element of the Khanda. Layered in protective 22...

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  • Ek Onkar Coin Necklace - Sikhexpo

    Ek Onkar Coin Necklace


    A beautifully designed Ek Onkar coin style pendant with thin rolo chain necklace. Offered in either rose gold or silver very light antique finish. ...

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  • Classic Petite Khanda Necklace - Sikhexpo
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    Classic Petite Khanda Necklace


    This minimalistic Sikh Khanda Necklace, bridging tradition with modern minimalism, is a beautiful, gentle addition to any outfit. Designed to be wo...

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  • Nirbhau Nirvair Bar Necklace - Sikhexpo
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    Nirbhau Nirvair Bar Necklace


    This beautiful bar style necklace is close to your heart and has the words "Nirbhau" and "Nirvair" on opposite ends of the bar which translates to ...

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