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Men's Necklaces

  • Ek Onkar Compass Pendant Necklace

    Ek Onkar Compass Pendant Necklace


    Inspired by Baba Makhan Shah Lubana, a devout Sikh and affluent sea fairing merchant who discovered would become known as discovering the ninth Gur...

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  • Chevron Khanda

    Chevron Khanda

    Original Price $49.00
    Current Price $39.00

    Inspired by the warrior spirt of Sikhs, this Khanda Necklace features the Chevron inverted "V" elements, a tribute to arrowheads used in battles an...

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  • Punjab Map Pendant

    Punjab Map Pendant

    Original Price $33.00
    Current Price $28.00

    Men's Modern Day Punjab Pendant Necklace. Pendant Size: 1.6" x 1.4" The Brushed Metal finish is slightly shiny, more than it appears in image and h...

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