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Classic Round Sikh Kara

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Current Price $18.00

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Classic Round Stainless Steel Sikh Kara. 

All our Sikh Karas are hand crafted with the best workmanship that promises a 100% guarantee of attention to detail and the highest quality. Made of premium hypo-allergenic stainless steel, our Karas are made to be worn for many years. 

We stand behind our quality and if you are not completely satisfied, you may return any of our Sikh Karas with full refund for an equally valued Kara within one year of purchase. 

XS: Fits most children (5.7cm diameter inside)

S: Fits most women (6.3 cm diameter inside)

M: Fits most men (7 cm diameter inside)

L: Fits bigger men (7.6 cm diameter inside)

**SALES ON KARAS ARE FINAL. Please no exchanges. Check the inside diameter of your current kara to determine size that works for you. Thank you.