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Guru Gobind Singh Ji's Nihang

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This powerful artwork captures Guru Gobind Singh Ji alongside his Nihang Warriors, also known as Akalis. The Nihangs were an order established by Guru Gobind Singh Ji that was fearless and brave like no other. This amazing work of Sikh art is unique in both the dimensions but also the darker skin tone of the Sikhs in this artwork that you don't often find. Truly a one of a kind that will inspire anyone who views it. 

Available in the following methods:

    Museum Grade Fine Art Paper (rolled print)

    • * 100-Years Certified Archival by an Accredited 3rd Party
    • * high-resolution prints with wonderful detail
    • * OBA-Free
    • * Acid and Lignen Free
    • * Smooth matte finish  |  17 mil thickness  |  270 gsm weight