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Dragon Khanda - 925 Sterling Silver *NEW*

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This design features dragon elements beautifully hand crafted and woven throughout the pendant with a centerpiece Khanda symbol. Dragons represent power, strength and fearlessness, but also can be either benevolent or malevolent. In such, we have a choice of who we want to be, a battle between light and darkness. The pendant reminds us of that, but the Khanda in the center is sign of the source of our strength and perseverance given to us from those that came before us. 

Crafted in 925 Sterling Silver and choice of Italian made box chain. 


    • Material: 925 Sterling Silver
    • Chain: 2.4mm 925 Sterling Silver Box (optional)
    • Pendant Chain Opening: 2.5mm (if you are using your own chain)
    • Pendant length: 50mm
    • Pendant weight avg: 12-13 grams