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1837 Maharaja Ranjit Singh Sikh Empire Coin - Lahore

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Color: Empire Gold

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Originally designed in 1837, this coin was the last coin ever personally commissioned into circulation by Maharaja Ranjit Singh himself for production in the Lahore Mint.

Frontside: Featuring a twelve pointed sun-burst star with Maharaja Ranjit Singh facing right in center. 

Backside: Beautiful poem written in Farsi that says: "Bahara cheh shenidi az mohabat? Mara bi Panjab na mohabat"

Translation: "Oh spring what have you heard of love? Without Punjab there is no love."

Dimensions: 50mm

*This is the first re-production replica of this coin since 1837, a time when the Sikh Empire was alive in all its beautiful glory and love. 

*We HIGHLY recommend purchasing the coin holder as well. It's beautiful for displaying your coin.