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Guru Gobind Singh Ji - Formation of the Khalsa


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Celebrating the birth of the Khalsa on 13th April 1699, this piece highlights this monumental moment orchestrated by Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Five devotees offered their lives to Guru Ji, to which he gave them new life, baptizing them to form the Panj Pyare, warrior saints.

The Panj Pyare have been illustrated in this art piece by displaying their names as rays of light from a Sun like object. Underneath, are segments that reflect abstract forms of the 5Ks which baptized Sikhs wear. 

In the foreground, stands Guru Gobind Singh Ji. A strong looking figure that embodies the warrior identity of Sikhs.

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-Amandeep Singh (artist)

  • size: 100cm x 80cm x 15cm

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